Censorship is the road to oppression. Tech companies and elites are attempting to silence ideas that they don’t like or that conflict with the goals of their nefarious allies. Free thinkers are devoted to preserving the freedom of thought, which requires the unimpeded exchange of ideas and fighting against censorship, whether done by the State or private industries.

PA Free Thinkers is dedicated to protecting natural rights, which includes the right to share your opinion (even if it’s offensive!). If you’ve been the victim of Big Tech censorship or if other platforms are restricting your right to promote your views, PA Free Thinkers provides DMCA-ignored hosting services. Additionally, PA Free Thinkers can provide website building and content creation services.

A list of services includes:

  • Crypto friendly websites
  • Tutorials about online privacy
  • Written and visual content
  • Hosting services
  • Websites from the scratch

You can reach PA Free Thinkers at two emails:

  • (encrypted)
  • (standard email)