Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania: Yes, It’s Real.

Cartoon charging Irish and German immigrants with stealing elections showing a keg of Irish whiskey and a barrel of German beer running off with the ballot box, circa 1840s. (Photo by Fotosearch/Getty Images).

Pennsylvania State Senator Douglas Mastriano requested that the Senate Majority Policy Committee hold a public hearing on Wednesday, November 25th to discuss 2020 election issues and irregularities. The hearing started at 12:00 p.m. on November 25th, 2020 in Gettysburg.

Allegations of voting fraud in Pennsylvania have included challenges to Act 77 and mail-in voting deadlines, allegations of missing ballots and improperly counted ballots, restrictions on poll watchers, and claims of ballot harvesting.

Former Navy Officer and forensic computer expert Gregory Strenstrom spoke at the Pennsylvania State Legislature hearing on Election Issues and Irregularities on November 25th, 2020 in Gettysburg. Mr. Strenstrom stated noticed 47 USB’s missing, witnessed USB cards being uploaded to voting machines, and potentially 70,000 lost/uncounted mail-in ballots.

Shortly after the hearing concluded, PA sent out an emergency text alert about potential hospital bed shortages and Twitter suspended PA State Senator Douglas Mastriano.

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The Voter Integrity Project noticed multiple issues with the Pennsylvania 2020 Presidential election, including over 1,200 mail-in voting applications that used USPS addresses as residential addresses.

A data group uncovered mail-in ballot irregularities. Issues included 1/3rd of submitted mail-in ballots not being counted (studied population size was 1,500). Peter Holland explained the issues in an interview with OAN:

A report entitled PA 2020 Voting Analysis Report found several major statistical anomalies in the 2020 Presidential election results in Pennsylvania. “The primary takeaway is that ALL of these experts came to the same conclusions:

  1. There are some major statistical aberrations in the PA voting records, that are extremely unlikely to occur in a normal (i.e.un-manipulated) setting.
  2. The anomalies almost exclusively happened with the Biden votes. Time and again, using a variety of techniques, the Trump votes looked statistically normal.
  3. Eleven (out of 67) Pennsylvania counties stood out from all the rest. These counties showed distinctive signs of voting abnormalities—again, all for Biden.
  4. The total number of suspicious votes in these counties is 300,000±— which greatly exceeds the reported margin of Biden votes over Trump. (We don’t know how many of these are artificial Biden votes, or votes switched from Trump to Biden.)
  5. These statistical analyses do not prove fraud, but rather provide scientific evidence that the reported results are highly unlikely to be an accurate reflection of how Pennsylvania citizens voted.”

Other trends that the report found that Republican mail-in ballots were less likely to be returned than Democrat mail-in ballots and .2% more Republicans than Democrats were sent mail-in ballots that they did not request.

Rudy Giuliani spoke with Lou Dobbs about why the Pennsylvania legislature would be committing perjury if they certify the election results:

Dr. Robert Epstein explained the impact Google had on the 2020 election, stating the partisan behavior by Google benefited liberals. Ranking liberal news sources and stories higher, even among conservative Google users, influenced the election and resulted in at least 6 million additional votes for Biden:

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