The DNC Platform: The Perfect Path to an Oppressive Police State. Thanks “Liberals!”

Alex Younger, the previous head of the M16, issued a pre-election message for the world:

“Those of us who live in liberal democracies are at risk of underestimating how much agency we’ve got, how much power we’ve got to deal with the problems we face. I want to send a message that our fate is in our hands. We should have confidence in the things that make us strong: our institutions, our alliances and our capacity to innovate.”

Liberal democracies don’t mean what 21st-century talking heads and billionaire-funded political machines claim it means. Liberal does not mean a massive centralized government that people depend and rely on in order to survive. Nor does liberal democracy mean politicians and their associates bypassing the constitution whenever it becomes a barrier to the creation of the Leviathan state.

Alex Younger’s definition of liberal democracy is based on 18th-century European political ideology, a movement that began in 1215 when the Magna Carta was signed. The Renaissance served as a transition phase that saw England, France, and the United States of America reject feudal and monarchy systems in favor of liberal democracies that protected natural rights.

In the 18th century, liberalism meant freedom from the government. Today, the left-wing, which at its core is a right-wing movement based on social hierarchy and a strong and imposing central government, publicly claims it is a liberal party. However, understanding the definition of liberalism demonstrates that the left-wing utilizing the term liberal to describe its policies is inaccurate, deceitful, and manipulative.

Today, liberalism is defined as:

“a political and economic doctrine that emphasizes individual autonomy, equality of opportunity, and the protection of individual rights (primarily to life, liberty, and property), originally against the state and later against both the state and private economic actors, including businesses.”

The modern American left pushes collectivism and technocracy, not individualism. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Platform is a modern version of What is to Be Done, with the vague promises stuffed between paragraphs of insults directed towards political opponents.

The Platform for the American Left? Not very liberal. This article will review the first two sections and explore why the DNC Platform is the 21st century Road to Serfdom.


  • “We will curb the corrupting influence of money in politics and protect the integrity of our elections from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Ironically, Joe Biden was the first candidate in US history to raise more than $1 billion. $14 billion was spent on the 2020 election this year. In 2020, most donations went to Democrats.

While the DNC may decry the “corrupting influence of money in politics,” Joe Biden raised more than $1.3 billion. Multiple Democratic candidates set fundraising and spending records. The integrity of our election is simple: compliance with the Constitution. If the Democrats are unable to allow the constitutional process to unfold a week after the Presidential election, it’s doubtful they’re going to commit to fair and honest elections in the future.

(Open Secrets)

The Democrats raised more money during the 2020 election than both political parties raised in 2016.

(Open Secrets)

The Democrats specifically excelled in donations from law firms and lobbyists. Democrats received $210,007,835 million from law firms and lawyers, compared to $40,777,319.

The Democrats received 1.7 times more money from Investment industries than Republicans.

Regardless of the rhetoric of the DNC, the Democratic party is funded primarily by corporate interests and the wealthy.

  • And we will end the war on government that has politicized our institutions, denigrated public service, and left the American people on their own instead of working to make them whole.

Liberalism, once again, is defined as the people being free from the constraints and interference of government. Liberalism believes that freedom best occurs absent a centralized power or state. Simply put, liberalism would support the least amount of government as possible to ensure the survival of a society. The assumption that Americans want the government involved in their lives is an example of Democratic cognitive dissonance. However, politicians benefit from the creation of a large centralized state. A larger government means more money.

The DNC platform focuses on resolving systemic racism, injustice, corruption, and abuse of power. Yet their response seemingly is to increase the involvement of the government in the lives of citizens. If a political structure is corrupt and the corruption caused inequality, how is the solution increasing the size and scope of government? If the government is plagued by systemic racism and injustice, why is a “war on government” not the solution?

When political systems oppress the people, they need to be weakened, not strengthened. People should never have to rely on their government to meet their needs. The implication that individuals in a free society can not be self sufficient and independent from social engineering and planning is demeaning and demonstrates the elitist technocratic beliefs embraced by the DNC.

As a totalitarian pig once so eloquently said:

“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”

The essence of believing that individuals are better off when technocrats, policymakers, and elected officials micro-manage their life is anti-liberal and falls on the traditional right-wing of a selected class of nobility making decisions for the peasants. Who is the government to say what is best for your life? It’s not like they’re your big brother.

Protecting Americans and Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • “Democrats believe we must follow the informed advice of scientists and public health experts, and will take steps to protect federal scientists from political influence.”

This is a common clash of democratic liberalism and right-wing technocracy. The traditional right-wing sought to implement new forms of feudalism and monarchy through social hierarchies. Titles and nobility allowed individuals to obtain property and bank charters. Elected officials appointing experts and basing their policies on public health solely on experts is undemocratic and anti-liberal.

The essence of liberalism is that the people influence who rules them and elected officials do what their constituents ask. Instead of relying on technocrats, elected officials are obligated to do what the majority of their constituents support. In a Republic, those in power have legitimacy because they were elected by the people. However, technocrats are not elected. As such, they do not have the right to create or write legislation. Politicians ultimately answer to the people.

An expert, or technocrat, benefits from the title society confers upon them. Much like Kings knighting or conferring Royal Titles upon loyal subjects.

  • “We will reform the current unemployment insurance system to enable more workers to remain attached to their jobs, including by promoting payroll support and work-sharing programs with generous rates of wage replacement and requirements that employers maintain workers’ benefits.”

Liberalism means minimum intervention by the government in economic affairs. Financial capitalism has taken hold in the United States. Investment bankers monetize debt and loan money they don’t have for profit. Financial capitalism hurts industry, managers, property owners, and workers alike. Forcing companies to take on debt to expand benefits investment bankers. Small businesses and middle class owned businesses suffer the most in this type of system where capital is required for scaling and scaling is required to maintain profitability.

When the value of paper money is high, then an individual can buy more for its goods for less money. Inflation benefits the debtor while deflation and a stable dollar benefit creditors. If companies are required to finance public policy (generous rates of wage replacement and requirements that employers maintain workers’ benefits), then the government is asking private citizens to bankroll public policy and then pay taxes on the profits. If a small business must suddenly absorb the costs of maintaining workers’ benefits, and does not have the capital to do so during the “Trump Recession,” the business must either take on debt or close. Indebting property owners and workers is a quintessential feature of serfdom. But investment bankers and the politicians whose campaigns they funded benefit. A business is an individual’s property and the government forcing businesses to finance political platforms is nothing short of exploitation.

  • We support state and local measures to freeze rent increases, evictions, utility shutoffs, and late fees for rent, to prevent families from becoming homeless and making the pandemic even worse.

Liberalism protects property rights. Preventing property owners from collecting rent from their property or repossessing their property is anti-liberal. Price controls are anti-liberal and oppose free markets. Preventing utility companies from terminating services for nonpayment is anti-liberal and anti-capitalist. It is even anti-communist because it doesn’t allow individuals to reap the profits of their labor or production.

Landlords and utility companies will be placed in the same position as business owners: compelled to take on debt from investment bankers or face insolvency. When income is restricted and capital diminishes, businesses will turn either to investment bankers or close. The current qualitative easing embraced by the Federal Reserve to fight the recession increased the money supply. Inflation is a debtors market. But not if they take the loan during inflation and are suddenly faced with deflation and currency devaluation.

If an individual loses the right to control and manage their personal property, the cause is not a liberal one. Communal and authoritarian regimes strip away property rights. Property is a commodity and a thing of value for investment bankers who benefit from debt and other conditions caused by recessions. Investment bankers prefer people to finance houses and vehicles, not buy them with cash. Investment bankers control monetary policy via the Federal Reserve. And individuals who can pay for everything they own with cash and who reject financing are of no benefit to a regime of investment banking technocrats.

Investment bankers finance corporate projects, making it beneficial for individuals to lose property because they can finance it to others.

If landlords lose their rent, options to get them through include using their property as collateral. The financial capitalists benefit. Financial capitalists are not true capitalists because the financial capitalist produces nothing. A true capitalist earns money on something they produce.A true capitalist does not manipulate the market or the political system to profit. But a finance capitalist is dependent on manipulation and political influence.

In an economy where income is impeded and cut off, investment bankers have plenty of customers.

  • Democrats support making significant, immediate grants and loans to help small businesses make payroll, pay rent and other expenses, and keep their doors open when possible.

Grants provided by the government are paid back by the people in the form of taxes. Loans are likewise a debt. Indebting individuals is not liberal, it’s feudal.

  • Democrats will take action to prevent states from blocking municipalities and rural co-ops from building publicly-owned broadband networks, and increase federal support for municipal broadband while requiring that funding recipients adhere to policies that support good jobs and include strong protections for workers’ right to organize.

The DNC supports funding expansion of publicly owned broadband networks, but will only increase funding for municipalities that enact policies they support. If a municipality does not support “strong protections for workers’ right to organize,” then the DNC will support restricting public funding. Meaning that federal funding depends on whether you embrace and support the DNC platform. That allows the federal government to punish local governments that oppose the DNC’s platform. Local governments should be placing the interest of their constituents first. The DNC advocating a system in which those rights are violated is the suppression of freedom and is anti-liberal.

In Conclusion

This article explored the Preamble and first section of the DNC’s platform, which has an additional 9 sections that will be covered in the upcoming weeks.

The goal of these articles is to demonstrate that the DNC platform is a traditional right-wing, anti-liberal platform. The term liberal is tossed around by countless politicians. But the definition of words and their history is important in order to understand the ideas political parties and self-interested politicians share. While it is great to imagine a world where everything is bankrolled by the government, remember that in the end, it is the American people that will be obligated to pay the interest to the national debt. A national debt created solely to benefit investment bankers and financial capitalists.

The DNC should stop exploiting people by misusing the word liberal to describe their policies and platform.

While the rhetoric in the DNC platform may sound idealist and altruistic, it is important to remember that a government big enough to provide everything you want is big enough to take away everything that you have.

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