Tammany Tom Wolf: A Millionaire Politician Buying Elections

In honor of Governor “Transparency” Tom Wolf, it is time to shed light on just how corrupt the Pennsylvania autocrat is. While Wolf may support ending systemic oppression, he has no problem spending vast sums of wealth on campaign contributions while many Pennsylvanians struggle financially due to the long-term economic effects of his mandated shutdown orders.

Tom Wolf has poured in $573,000 to multiple state elections this year. Wolf, as sitting Governor, contributed over $88,000 to Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s campaigns. Tom Wolf also has his own PAC, Wolf PAC, which has contributed nearly $4 million to candidates this year in Pennsylvania.

Other big players in the Tammany Tom Political machine? The Fairness PA PAC, which contributed heavily to the PA Supreme Court candidates and Wolf’s reelection campaign, and Josh Shapiro, who has likewise benefited from the Wolf and companies’ deep pockets.

Wolf funded Wolf PAC with $550,000 contributions since March 2019 (glad to know his pockets aren’t hurting during the recession).

The Wolf PAC has donated significant amounts to Julie Slomski and Pam Iovino, both Democratic candidates currently facing tough races.

Wolf was also a major donor to Josh Shapiro’s 2016 campaign and continues to regularly contribute to Democratic candidates. Legalities aside, it is fair that a Governor uses vast sums of private capital (which exceeds what many individuals will make in their lifetime) to assist political allies in getting elected? After all, a Democratic majority in the PA Senate and House would allow Tammany Tom to operate without any checks from co-equal branches of government.

Wolf PAC and Tammany Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf runs it/is the face of it. The homepage outlines the group’s goal as surrounding Wolf with as many allies as possible:

“Governor Wolf needs Democratic partners in Harrisburg that will fight to raise the minimum wage, pass non-discrimination legislation, and invest in working people, families, and our seniors.”

Wolf PAC has contributed over $3.9 million to entities and individuals in 2020

Wolf PAC was the 12th largest donor for state elections in PA in 2020

Gov. Tom Wolf personally contributed $573,000 to campaigns in PA in 2020

-Gov. Tom Wolf was the 23rd largest individual donor in 2020 in PA elections

-Tom Wolf and Wolf PAC donated a combined $4,498,949 during elections in PA this year alone.

-Donated $88,500 total to Josh Shapiro. Wolf ranks 27th on the list of largest donors for Josh Shapiro.

-Tom Wolf Donated $375,000 to candidate Pam Iovino. Wolf is the third-largest contributor to Iovino’s campaign.

Wolf PAC donated $25,000 to Democratic State Senate candidate George Scott (Scott’s third-largest donor).

-Wolf PAC donated $60,000 to Democratic State Senate candidate Julie Slomski in 2020 (Slomski’s largest donor).

-Tom Wolf donated $50,000 to Wolf PAC on September 12th, 2020.

-Tom Wolf donated $500,000 to Wolf PAC on March 13th, 2020.

-Wolf PAC has donated $187,500.0 to The PA Democratic Party PAC between 10/07/19 and 03/04/20

-Wolf PAC donated $25,000 to Fairness PA PAC on 03/10/20.

-Tom Wolf donated $25,000 to Fairness PA PAC on 03/21/19

-Fairness PA PAC donated $1.65 million to Wolf between 06/30/17 and 09/17/18

-Tom Wolf donated $5,600 to Joe Biden and $30,000 to Josh Shapiro (PA AG) in 2020

-Tom Wolf donated $263,000 to Rebuild PA PAC since 2017. Rebuild PA PAC has spent $613,999. The only other donor to the PAC since 2017 contributed $1,000. Rebuild PA PAC donated $49,250 to Democratic PA Supreme Court nominee David Wecht (9th largest donor) in 2015, who is not a Justice on the PA Supreme Court. Fairness PA PAC donated $20,000 to Wecht.

-Rebuild PA PAC donated $51,750 to Democratic Supreme Court nominee Kevin Dougherty in 2015 (12th largest donor). Fairness PA PAC donated $28,800 (23rd largest donor).

-Fairness PA PAC was the second-largest donor to Commonwealth Court Judge Michael Wijok’s 2015 campaign contributing $11,275.

-Tom Wolf donated $5,900 to Eugene DePasquale this year.

-This year, the Joshua Shapiro Campaign Committee donated $2,000 to Eugene DePasquale, Democratic nominee for US House District PA-10, and $10,000 to Vincent Hughes, Democratic candidate for Senate District 007.

On November 6th at 10:26 p.m., DePasquale tweeted the following before Pennsylvania was called and before votes were counted.

But then again, Josh Shapiro stated Trump would lose if all the votes were counted on October 31st:

If Shapiro and DePasquale know which Presidential candidate would win Pennsylvania before the election and before any news outlet called Pennsylvania, I sure hope they can tell me the Powerball numbers.

If a handful of elite spend record amounts of money during a historic recession caused by shutdowns in response to COVID-19, are we truly living in a republic? Pennsylvania’s current Governor is financially backing candidates that can help push his agender through the PA Senate and House. Candidates Wolf has financially backed are forecasting the election results in PA.

Political, financial, and personal interests are widespread. The Tammany Tom Political Machine is willing to cut a sizable donation to any candidate promising to make Tammany Tom’s reign as Governor easier.

Wolf should be winning support through his ideas, plans, and actions, not because he is a millionaire elitist 1% member.

This special interest raises valid questions about whether politicians care more about those they represent or their donors. Likewise, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has been infected with special interest money from the same PACs that are backing Wolf and Shapiro. Time to get dark money and elitists out of Harrisburg.

The three branches of government are a Jeffersonian protection against autocracy and one person or group consolidating too much power. The people are entrusted with keeping politicians in check. When elite and wealthy individuals are able to combine their assets and financial resources to outspend competitions, it disenfranchised the people. Campaigns should be based on ideas, not commercials, signs, or social media campaigns. Money pollutes the political establishment by allowing certain views to monopolize the press and social media. Fancy slogans overpower thoughtful discussion and discourse.

When a govenor is the major funder of legislators, it creates the opportunity for backdoor deals and favoritism to permeate. If a candidate is able to find their candidate almost exclusively off of funds donated by the executive branch, can we trust legislators are placing the balance of powers above their purse?

The judiciary is supposed to remain impartial. Yet their election requires campaigning, which in turn requires money. What happens when a judge hears a case that impacts their donors and their personal interests? Is it hard to imagine a politician who helped fund a judges campaign calling a judge when a policy they support is being litigated?

And in a society based on true liberalism, which is premises in limiting government control in the life of citizens and attributing evil to the consequences of society, is it appropriate for an acting Govenor to have a personal and financial interest in the outcome of elections?

It is time to place the power back in the hands of the people. Money should not buy influence or power. Yet Pennsylvania has rarely elected a poor governor or Attorney General. In a state where equality is protected, those with wealth seemingly have an unfair advantage in the political realm. And yet the political system is largely responsible for creating laws and regulations that make it more difficult for individuals without money to fairly compete and succeed.

Using money to put friends in co equal branches of government who will vote in your favor is the political version of Standard Oil type monopolies.

If freedom and equality are the values we embrace, than we need to objectively consider the consequences of a political system in which the rich and elite almost exclusively fund.

And it starts with dissembling Tammany Tom’s political machine.

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