John Fetterman Exhibits White Privilege During Tantrum Following Removal By PA Senate

Explanation of what occurred in the PA Senate, which led to the unseating of Lt. Gov Fetterman and refusal to swear in Rep. Brewster.

Seems like Mr. Fetterman may have an anger issue. His fit of rage is more than a slight micro-aggression.

101 Pa. Code § 7.32. Parliamentary authority:

“Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure is the parliamentary authority of the Senate and Jefferson’s Manual, supplemented by Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure, is the parliamentary authority of the House if applicable and not inconsistent with the Constitution or laws of Pennsylvania or the rules and rulings of the respective house.”

Mason’s Manual Section 576:

Refusal of Presiding Officer to Perform Duties:

1. Whenever the presiding officer attempts to thwart the purpose of his office, the power resides in the assembly to pass him by and proceed to action otherwise. This right is but a branch of the power which assemblies exert in choosing temporary officers when the permanent officers are absent. It is not their absence which justices the exercise of the power, but the fact they are not performing duties necessary to the proper fulfillment of the functions of the assembly. Inability or refusal to perform those duties has the same effect as actions in suspending the ordinary functions of the meeting and equally warrants the selection of the temporary chairman. The power is inherent or inseparably attached to the right of the body to convene and act.

2. When the presiding officer refuses to the motion to vote. A vice chairman, the secretary, or some other member may be designated for this purpose. It is not legal or proper procedure for the member making the motion to put the motion to vote.

3. The presiding officer cannot prevent the transaction of business by leaving the chair or leaving the meeting. In either instance the members can elect a temporary presiding officer and proceed. If a member properly questions the presiding officer’s ruling on a motion to adjourn, it is his duty to resolve the question or take a division before declaring an adjournment and, upon his failure to do so, a temporary presiding officer can be elected and the business can proceed in proper order.”

PA Senators request that Mitch McConnell delay certification of PA election results:

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